There are some common questions and their answers related to packers and movers. Every customer who want to hire packers and movers to move their household items, they must know about that.

It may be difficult to find reputable packers and movers business in any Indian city. However, there are a few methods you can find a reputable and skilled moving company for your shifting.

Make a list of the best movers and packers in your city, and then verify their reliability and legitimacy.

  • Verify the staff and vehicle strength.
  • Check ratings and read reviews.
  • Choose the top three movers and packers.
  • Request their participation in a pre-move survey.
  • Request written estimates.
  • Evaluate the quotes and select the one that best meets your requirements.
  • Carefully read the contract before agreeing to the terms of the service and signing it.

It is uncommon for dodgy packers and movers to commit moving fraud or scams. There are very few instances of moving businesses defrauding customers. However, you cannot overlook the fact that there are shady or dishonest moving businesses. Typically, they entice unsuspecting customers by providing the lowest price estimates before requesting more payment before delivering the goods. Avoid falling victim to a shady service provider. There are specific methods you can use to spot a dishonest moving business and guard against being duped. Verifying the sincerity, reliability, and trustworthiness of packers and movers should be your top priority.

For the same, directly visit their offices. Ask your movers directly about their track record, qualifications, and sincerity. Make no hesitance at all. Ask them to provide you with copies of their company registration, licence, GST registration, and other documents that may attest to their legitimacy as a moving service provider. Then, inquire about the movers’ past clients. Remember to double check the same.

To learn about the history and reputation of movers and packers, examine internet reviews and ratings. Say “no” to a down payment. Never trust a business that lacks a physical address. firmly reject any company that refuses to conduct a pre-move survey. Know the average costs and rates charged by packers and movers. These are some methods by which you can spot a fraud moving company and guard against becoming a victim.

To cover the possibility of damages during a house move, relocation companies offer moving insurance. Moving insurance are two types- Transit insurance and All inclusive insurance.

Insurance for goods in transit will protect against the risk of damage sustained during transit. This refers to any type of transit-related damage to your products. Obtaining moving insurance from the moving company you hired for your move is not required. Additionally, you can buy third-party insurance. However, it will be prudent to buy goods transit insurance from the same firm that you have contracted with for your relocation. You may purchase goods transportation insurance for just 1.5% of the declared value of your purchases.

During the entire moving procedure, the risks of products being damaged are covered by all-inclusive insurance. Because moving companies must replace any lost or damaged belongings throughout the moving process or pay a cash settlement, getting this sort of moving insurance can be pricey. You can purchase all-inclusive insurance for 3% of the declared value. Remember that you cannot purchase third party comprehensive insurance while moving. Your chosen movers and packers will be the only ones to offer this kind of insurance.

Moving insurance protects your goods against damages in transit or during moving process. But, you should keep in mind that all items of household cannot be insured. Professional packers and movers will deny to offer insurance for certain items, such as valuables, cash, jewelry, documents, medications, heritage, fine art, glassware, antiques and perishable items. We recommend that you ought to take care of such items personally and move them safely.

Regarding GST fees for using domestic moving services in India, there is a lot of misunderstanding among the general public. Some customers claim that it is charged at a rate of 5%, while others claim that it is levied at an 18% rate. So, what exactly is the GST rate that packers and movers in India charge? What is the GST pricing charged by packers and movers?

Now let’s be clear about it. Professional packers and movers in India typically include GST charges in their finagling invoice at a rate of 18%, but occasionally they just include 5%. If you are hiring full service of a moving company to accomplish all the shifting tasks then GST charge will added at the rate of 18%. If you are using only transport service of packers and movers then 5% of total cost will be added in packers and movers charges.

In a nutshell;

  • GST for transportation – 5%
  • GST for insurance – 18%
  • GST for full service packers and movers – 18%

Professional movers in India utilize the right tools for lifting and moving your furniture, including strong crates, bubble wrap, foam cushions, and other protective materials, to keep your possessions safe during transit. Electronic devices can be packaged using Thermacol, Carton Boxes, Corrugated Sheet, Air Bubble, Thermals, News Papers, Foam Sheets, Waterproof Lamination, and Tapes.

Movers frequently have a moving checklist that includes riskful items that they cannot transport – and they will almost certainly refuse to pack them as well.
These items may include, but are not limited to, the following :

  • Gasoline
  • Oxygen canisters
  • Thinner fluid
  • Matches
  • Cylinders for propane
  • Remover of nail polish
  • Paints and thinners for paints
  • Fireworks